Best Practices of Data Cleansing and Enrichment for Marketing Strategy

Posted by EnableVue Staff on Apr 6, 2018 12:23:36 PM



Is Your Data Dirty?

Don't look now, but your data may be dirty. And that dirty data could be costing your business thousands of dollars. You're not alone, though. One recent study concluded that at least 25% of the average B2B database is "dirty." On one level, data decay is inevitable. In fact, 20% of all street addresses and 18% of telephone numbers change in a given year, while anywhere from 25% to 33% of your email addresses will be outdated within the same period. Over the next hour, 58 different business addresses will change, 11 companies will switch names and 41 new businesses will hit the market.


The 4 Stages of Curated Content Growth

Posted by tom on Dec 22, 2014 1:20:45 PM

Content curation is a vital component of almost every content marketing strategy. Out of the ceaseless stream of media, effective content curators select the best, most relevant content for their audience. However, the process does not end there.


How Your Content Connects Prospects With Your Product

Posted by tom on Nov 26, 2014 11:51:56 AM

At some point, every marketer must ask, “Why do we even need content, anyway?” (This question typically arises when waiting for content from a bad vendor, or observing the sub-par quality of that content.)


The Content Optimization Cycle in 5 Simple Steps

Posted by tom on Sep 3, 2014 9:37:52 AM

In today’s content-saturated Internet landscape, it can be very difficult to deliver unique and compelling content to the web. Yet content optimization remains extremely important to ensure that it will attract attention to your brand and visitors to your website. If you are currently struggling with the content optimization process, it might help to reacquaint yourself and your team with the five simple steps of the cycle. A tweak here or there may be all that is necessary to take your content to the next level.


How to Publish Content: Act Like a Publisher

Posted by tom on Oct 23, 2013 9:24:52 AM

Just about any task seems easier to do than it actually is. This is especially true for creating content. For some reason, writing just seems easy. It takes very little technical skill to write. Publishing, however, is a different story. And that’s where a lot of companies looking to transform the boardroom into a newsroom get tripped up. For better or for worse, content creation requires at least as much diligence, quality control, creativity, and execution as any project a company could undertake.


4 Ways Your Content Must Remain Consistent

Posted by tom on Oct 2, 2013 1:25:43 PM

Last week, we introduced the CODA method for quality content. We find it to be a helpful mnemonic that can help you determine whether your content is as engaging and effective as it can be. Once you or your organization gets the hang of producing fantastic content, there still remains one essential piece to the puzzle: consistency.


Quality Is King: Test the Quality of Your Content with the CODA Method

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“When it comes to an interactive network such as the Internet, the definition of ‘content’ becomes very wide. … the broad opportunities for most companies involve supplying information or entertainment. No company is too small to participate. … Opportunities are remarkable, and many companies are laying plans to create content for the Internet.”

- Bill Gates, from his 1996 essay, “Content is King”

It’s hard to believe that Bill Gates wrote those words nearly 20 years ago. In the same essay, the tech visionary also predicted the fall of many print magazines (see Newsweek, Spin, Gourmet) and the simultaneous success of many new online publications (see Buzzfeed, Gawker, Politico). With Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos purchasing the Washington Post and Buzzfeed indicating a profitable business model after only four years in business, the creative destruction that Gates predicted is now well under way. The good news is that the lion’s share of the destruction seems to be behind us, and we are now in the throes of a period of robust creativity. And yet it’s not simply content that is king. It’s quality.